Private Yoga Programs

These sessions are tailor-made and bespoke to each individual offering you the opportunity to truly focus on your practice and relaxation, working closely with your teaching to ensure each and every class works for you. The chosen location for these classes can be mutually agreed upon. Get in touch to find out more.

“I have always treated yoga as a way to improve your health with a sense of skepticism, however, I decided to give it a go. I had 7 1-to-1 sessions of yoga therapy with Tatiana. The result turned out to be unexpected and very good. My knee joints have become more supple, the pain in the knees has significantly decreased, which allowed me to nearly halve the amount of medication I take. The most wonderful thing is that these simple and even pleasant asanas not only decreased the pain but also improved my mood. Tatiana is very professional, delicate and soft as a yoga teacher. I am going to continue my classes with her.” – Irina, Doctor – 59 years old

Call or email us today to discuss your goals and book your corporate yoga wellness session with Alamba Yoga:

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Hatha Yoga group classes

These classes are for both beginner and intermediate level students:

In which a series of classes will focus on the poses that will stretch and strengthen the core; increase flexibility of the spine; improve concentration and balance. They will also include breathing techniques and relaxation at the end of each class.

The key principles of the classes are: inclusivity, non-competitiveness, respect for each body’s requirements.

Pregnancy Yoga

These classes help relieve common pregnancy ailments and prepare you for birth. We will include Birth Breathing techniques to help during labour; offer practices to strengthen your body or increase flexibility; and ways to calm the mind.

These classes will allow you to sleep better, feel more relaxed, stay fit throughout your pregnancy and provide you with key concepts, practices and strategies to remain calm during labor.

“My 3rd child was born 2 weeks ago and I delivered normally after 4 hours of contraction. It was the amazing experience, I went through the labor with calm and confidence and I felt fully recovered after 4 days of delivery. At the beginning of the pregnancy, I felt very nervous as my experience of birthing my first 2 kids were not easy (C-section and with epidural support). From 16 weeks of pregnancy, I was lucky to have Tatiana from Alamba yoga as my yoga instructor. We practiced weekly and Tatiana guided me through the steps to prepare for my labor: from breathing to the movements for my neck, hip, pelvic floor, and relaxation… The exercises gave me more flexibility, prepared me to welcome the labor with calm confidence and made me believe that I can deliver normally without suffering. I appreciated a lot the professional, step-by- step guidance from Tatiana based on her certification training knowledge. Being a Mum herself, I could feel the connection between us. It had empathy and understanding as well as her guidance. It was really the great yoga journey and I cannot wait to continue with Tatiana for the “Mum and Baby” yoga sessions in the coming months.” – Charm, 38 years old.