By alambaadm / February 13, 2019

Clair and Sarah’s Sequence

Dear Clair and Sarah, enjoy your holidays and a little bit of yoga (if you have time). Best regards, Tatiana 3 part abdominal breathing (5 breaths) Surya Namaskar 1 to 3 rounds depending on your time availability(if you click on the link and scroll down, you will see the sequences) Dandasana (5 breaths) 4. Baddhakonasana...

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By alambaadm / January 29, 2019

Yoga Asana Sequence with a Focus on the Lower Back

This sequence of asanas can be practised at home to relieve lower back pain. There are some contra-indications. Please consult to your yoga teacher before practising these asanas. 1) Cat and cow- 5 times. (Increasing the flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and spine) 2) Downward dog – 10 breaths. (Helping to relieve stiffness and back...

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By alambaadm / September 18, 2018

Yoga Asana Sequence for the Gentle Stretching of the Ankles

This sequence is designed especially for Layla to practice twice a week. Surya Namaskar Utthita Trikonasana (3-5 breaths on each side): please try to rotate the back foot inwards (little by little) and ground through both feet.  Utthita Parsvakonasana (3 breaths on each side): ground through both feet; little by little rotate the back foot...

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By alambaadm / September 11, 2018

How to Look After Your Professional Heavy Duty Yoga Mat

We want you to be able to use and get the most out of your professional heavy duty yoga mat for as long as possible. If you look after them like this they will stay looking 'new' for a very long time and should last 5-10 years! Maybe longer! Here are 3 tips: 1 Clean...

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By alambaadm / September 11, 2018

Does Age Affect Flexibility?

It is easy to notice that stretching comes much easier to the kids rather than adults (like many other things do). Even though we may not notice the gradual change, but at some point we might realise that we have become much stiffer than in the past. How does flexibility change with age and what...

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By alambaadm / August 14, 2018

How To Set a Positive Intention For Your Yoga Practice

At the beginning of the yoga class the teacher usually asks to set a positive intention for a practice: to think for a moment why you are on the mat, and then at the end of the class to remember this positive intention and repeat it to yourself. Why is it so, what’s the meaning...

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By alambaadm / July 31, 2018

Chandra Namaskara

Many people who are familiar with yoga, know Surya Namaskara, or Sun Salutations. It is a very energizing, stretching and heat-generating sequence of asanas that can be quite a strenuous practise on its own, if, for example, completed at least 5 times, especially those variants of Sun Salutations in Ashtanga tradition. It is best practiced...

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By alambaadm / July 25, 2018

Yoga Asana Sequence For Relieving Menstrual Discomfort

Please look for some general tips here before you start . Below is the suggested basic asana sequence, developed by Mark Stephens, which you can safely do at home. This practise is quite relaxing and can help reducing pressure in the uterus and abdomen.   Use candles, soft music and dimmed light to create a...

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By alambaadm / July 18, 2018

Yoga and Menstruation

Nature is very wise to give a woman the gift of renewing her body both on a physical and mental level once a month. There are no two women who would feel in the same way during this time, some ladies hardly have any need to adjust their activities during these days, while others go...

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By alambaadm / May 11, 2018

Benefits of Yoga for Children in Schools

Yoga is an ancient discipline originating from India. It is based on unifying the mind with the body and soul for greater mental and physical wellbeing; it consists of series of poses, meditation, controlled breathing and other techniques.  By practicing yoga postures, bones are brought into alignment and muscles are strengthened, stretched and relaxed. In...

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