Bespoke hand-made eco-friendly Yoga Bags

Love my new yoga bag. Fits everything I need for a yoga class, even a blanket.” Kat

“Such a light bag. Love the colours of my “African escape” bag.” Emma

“Saves so much time to get ready for a yoga class now. Everything is there readyin my bag to pick up and go.” Tracy

  • Designed by Serendipity London
  • Each one is hand-made in the UK and unique
  • 3 unique styles in stock and any colour of your choice can be selected if pre-order
  • Very light and spacious to fit all you need for a yoga class
  • Special holder for a yoga mat and 2 outside pockets in the styles 1 and 2
  • Long handles make it very comfortable to wear the bag on the shoulder
  • Soft lining
  • 100 % Eco-friendly
  • Perfect gift for anyone who likes yoga

1st model: white – Rocky Road

2nd model: green and orange – African Escape

3rd model: beige – Golden Mood


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