A Little Story About Yoga

Practising Yoga is an amazing gift for your health. This has been recognised by Unesco taking yoga into the list of the most precious intangible world assets. Yet, it is to be discovered by a quite a large part of the male population. I understood that there are quite a few myths perceived men about yoga. Recently, after inviting a Black belt taekwondo master to take part in my classes, I received an answer that if he comes,  “I will kill him there”… 

Indeed, yoga can be sometime challenging, (and excellent for flexibility) but to my modest knowledge everyone so far left my classes pretty alive. A little story from my former colleague, the International Business Director, James (59 y.o.) brought some hope to my heart.  

This is the story (without any alterations):

“I have a bad foot and have been unable to play tennis in the past year which is frustrating. A lady I know said try Yoga. I said isn’t that for girls! I have never even thought of yoga as something to do.

In November she said come along to yoga. I went along. 90 minutes later I was almost dead! I was praying for the end long before it finished. I did though feel better an hour or two later. So I went back and have been going for the past 3 months and feel so much better and really enjoy it now!! I am not so good at some of the balance exercises but you feel really good afterwards.

I have done some fitness classes too. I realise how unfit and in bad condition I was before. I could never imagine doing yoga 3 months ago! Actually quite a lot of men, nearly all much younger, go to yoga…”

So, among many others, here are some advantages that yoga can bring to Men:

1.       Strengthening Immunity.

2.       Relieving pain in the back.

3.       Prevents Injuries.

4.       Cuts healthcare cost.

5.       Challenges in a good way.

6.       Strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups.

7.       Increases flexibility, suppleness and stability.

8.       Finally…. Something new to give it a go and decide for yourself if it is right for you!

I am looking forward to welcoming more men in my classes and letting them discover full benefits of yoga for themselves.

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