About me

My name is Tatiana Ball, I am a yoga teacher in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.

I offer the yoga classes to the people of all ages to help improve their well being through individually selected hatha yoga practice.

I can offer:

– Private yoga sessions tailored to the client’s health requirements with a yoga therapy focus.
Group Hatha Yoga classes in Mansfield with a maximum of 7 people in the class, so that everyone in the class has my personal attention to achieve safe and satisfying practice.
Pregnancy yoga classes,  to help stay fit and relaxed during pregnancy, ease uncomfortable symptoms and learn techniques useful for labour and birth.

My clients come to my classes when they want to practise classic Hatha yoga. Regular yoga practice helps to achieve better overall health, improve flexibility, strength and balance, and relax.

It is important for me that everybody in my class should feel very welcome and I try to make sure that everyone comes out of the class happier than before stepping on the yoga mat.

We often use blocks, straps and bolsters to provide the optimal support for your practice.

My experience of teaching yoga to people of various health issues makes me fully believe in the legacy of BKS Iyengar, that yoga helps to cure what can be cured and helps to endure what cannot be cured. I see my mission in helping people to better deal with their current health issues.

My classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate levels of yoga.

I also run tailored corporate yoga classes in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for the companies wishing to increase wellness of their staff.




To find out more about my classes, get in touch today via phone or email:

Phone: 07949097859
Email: [email protected]

Additional Qualifications

Certificate “Introduction into Pregnancy Yoga” November 2019

Certificate in Understanding Autism (Awarded by NCFE in 2018)

Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health (Awarded by NCFE in 2018)


Kate Evans

I completed a 6 week yoga course for New Mums at Ravensdale Children’s Centre with Tatiana. This course was aimed at mums with young babies and Tatiana skillfully taught adult yoga moves whilst incorporating the babies into the sessions. I cannot explain clearly enough how Tatiana was able to personalise each yoga move for each participant whilst maintaining a fluid and productive session. All mummies in the group were beginners with differing yoga experiences and Tatiana paced each session considerately, with just enough of a challenge. There were always options to make a move more difficult or easier, depending on needs. Tatiana was sensitive to the needs of the babies and was very relaxed when babies needed feeding, changing, cuddling or entertaining. During all moves, she explained clearly how to include your baby from holding them to hugging them to tickling them. Both myself, and my baby thoroughly enjoyed each session and came away happy and relaxed. Thank you.

Kate Evans

Natasha Neale

Weight loss, shape change and self belief! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have found yoga and Tatiana as an instructor! I literally would recommend Alamba Yoga to everyone (and do, whenever I get the opportunity).

Natasha Neale

Rebecca Elaine

Fantastic yoga classes, Tatiana is so calming and I feel rejuvenated after every session. I’m already raving about her to everyone who’ll listen.

Rebecca Elaine