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These classes are for both beginner and intermediate level students:

In which a series of classes will focus on the poses that will stretch and strengthen the core; increase flexibility of the spine; improve concentration and balance. They will also include breathing techniques and relaxation at the end of each class.

The key principles of the classes are: inclusivity, non-competitiveness, respect for each body’s requirements.

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for Business and Educational Institutions

Does your ‘To-Do’ list seem never ending, do you work in a fast paced environment with little to no room for mistakes or lunch breaks? Do you or your colleagues need a breath of ‘fresh air’?

What about Corporate Yoga? Have you ever thought about introducing a business wellness program to your workplace in order to help with performance, exceed your key performance indicators and ultimately reach your goals and objectives for the day?

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At Alamba Yoga we offer specific programs that are able to embed themselves into the National Curriculum at local schools. Each class will be adapted to the agenda and requirements of the school.

These classes will include basic poses and postures, which will educate the children on breathing techniques and asanas to improve concentration and focus. All of the skills learnt within the Yoga classes are beneficial for both the physical and mental development of the children and thus enables them to better cope with their studies.

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Alamba – meaning ‘support’ in Sanskrit.

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

At Alamba Yoga our mission is to support your life-long wellbeing and help to create a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, through the regular practice of yoga. Whether you’re searching for individual or group classes, maternity or kids yoga, or corporate yoga; Alamba Yoga can help.

Offering a variety of classes to all ages and abilities throughout Mansfield, Nottingham and Derbyshire areas, contact us today to find out more or visit our Classes page to see what’s on the calendar.

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